Monday, December 3, 2007


I've been tagged for the first time in a long time, thanks to Tom!!! :)

Instructions:Each tagged person must post 8 random facts or habits about themselves on their blog. At the end of the post, choose 8 people to be tagged and list their names.

Don't forget to leave a comment telling them that they are tagged and to read your blog. Have fun!

Here are my 8 random facts / abnormalities:

1) I'm 36 and have never been married. Some people find that odd.

2) I've completed 16 full-length marathons (26.2 miles), in 9 different states. Again, some people find that odd, or over-the-top. I don't think it is weird at all.

3) I don't believe you have to *birth* a child to be his or her Mom. To me, it is equivalent. To most, it isn't.

4) I'm a "believer", baptised Southern Baptist. But I couldn't be further from the Right Theologically... so, I'm a *born again* Liberal United Church of Christ member. (don't egg my house, please.)

5) I believe it takes people 30 or more years to figure out who they are and if they *like* themselves. Some people never grow up, or grow into the person they could be, and I find that sad. And I wish everyone could like themselves for who/what they've become, because we all go through stuff and shouldn't be martyrs or islands.

6) I have a big need to help people.

7) If I hadn't taken the *long hard road* to where I am today, I would be a completely different person. And I like who I am. I'm proud of myself for staying the course over time. And, believe it or not, that doesn't mean I'm *conceited* or full of myself. Quite the contrary.

8) I have this desire to try new things and to continually learn. I'm still considering how I can manage to get my MBA, while not sacrificing Lil M time. Someone said I wasn't "organized" one day, and I nearly fell over in disbelief!!!

I'm tagging:
1. hobbhungry
2. macey's mom
3. gone fishin' (sbixler)
4. carol adopts
5. trip to emily
6. maylings mama
7. happy hoppes!
8. three peas in a pod!



  1. 4) "I'm a "believer", baptised Southern Baptist. But I couldn't be further from the Right Theologically... so, I'm a *born again* Liberal United Church of Christ member." (don't egg my house, please.)

    Bless You! If your house gets egged, let me know and I'll help to clean it up.

    fm (born again liberal UM) :)

  2. Okay, we wont egg your house. LOL! Actually I’d like to elaborate on number #4, but I can’t talk here. I’ll take that one to the other blog.

    Although all your facts are interesting, I must say you have no abnormalities. You’re TOO normal!! That may account for the struggles at you-know-where. You are the only conventionality amid the bizarre and freakish, which makes you abnormal. How ironic.

    The marriage thing. much should I say. Well, I do evade it but someday I think it will find me. I wrote on my list that a family is one if the most important things a man should strive for. I stand by those comments wholeheartedly.

    I like your number #5.

    See you on your other speaking platform.


  3. BTW, we ALL love Mia, regardless of what some a-whole may think about adoption or whatever else.


  4. Thanks Tom ... haha !

    Oh boy thats a tall order .... but I'll do my best to fulfill my taggedness :)

    More to come on my blog !


  5. Love all your responses. No eggs on my house yet... Thank God. ha.

    Tom, loved your comment on the other speaking forum. :)

    Alyson, Love the UM, too. Just a nice place to go to church.