Sunday, December 9, 2007


It's official... Lil M is walking! She took a couple steps for the Dr. on Friday...and has really been trying today... She's taken 6 or 7 steps at a time 3 or 4 times today! Woohoo! The Dr. suggested I practice with her a bit, so that's what we've done. But she has been walking by herself. :) Very cool!!! I'll get pics when I can!!



  1. So Cutie Pattotie is taking her first steps. Wonderful! Now the trick is to snap a picture while she's bustling.

    I'm trying to keep myself in the holiday spirit by writing a poem that celebrates the spirit of the Christmas season. I've only the first few lines:

    Those weren't snowflakes
    That struck your head
    As Santa's reindeers flew overhead.

    What do you think? Good, hu?

    It's a trivial piece but I think once I expand on it, it will be a classic like Silent Night or Joy to the World.



    Hope Mia is feeling better by the time you read thi.

  2. Yes, indeed!!! I will get pics soon!! :)

    Your poem... too funny!!!!!!

    Better than your Christmas list, even! Are you in the Christmas mood, yet?


    PS. Her fever broke and I'm hoping it stays that way!!

  3. Yeah! Very cool.

    Is she feeling better today? Could it be related to her shots?