Sunday, December 16, 2007


Well, it snowed this weekend, so we've stayed in mostly. We went and got a couple groceries yesterday, and salt. Lil M seems to like her new shoes! She is wearing some purple ones that we got in China right now. I wonder if she's gonna be a shoe lover! haha.

She got a Vtech toy for her birthday that she seems to really enjoy. I finally got the batteries in it and hooked it up to the TV, even. Yes, I realize that her birthday was at the end of August. I'm slow, ok? Not really... it's just that she has toys she loves, and I thought I'd wait until later so that she really paid attention to this one! :) This is the toy she got from Uncle Joe and Gramma/Grandpa. We had 3 games for it, plus she can play with it without official games.

She's still walking, of course, but the shoes do make it tougher, so she doesn't wear them all day. She's been giving kisses... puckers her little lips up and goes mmmmmmsmooch. haha. She's also been giving hugs. She has learned how to climb up on the couch and onto the little ottoman stool that I have. She moves my foot off the stool, then the pillow, then climbs up on it and laughs. haha. Very cute. She's standing here laughing at me typing, right now, and just shsh-ed the dog.

She's got two more teeth coming in... so she's almost got 6 full teeth. Let's see, is there anything else...? hm. Guess not. Oh, she still loves her swing. When I put her in it she laughes with GLEE!!! She cracks me up. She likes to stand next to it and push on it, too.

Ok, that's it for now. I just can't believe how much she can do at 15 months, now!! :)



  1. I think its great how far Mia has progressed. She will surely never cease to amaze you !!!!

    Have a great Evening !!!


  2. I think Cutie Patootie is ready to sprint! And give lots of kisses and hugs in the process:) If she told the dog (was it Marge, by any chance?) to hush-it, then she is DEFINITELY second in command of the house hold.

    I finally finished my Christmas poem. I really think it's a classic that will be recited inside Churches, school plays, dads reading it to the family next to fire places...basically, a classic. Here is the masterful work of Tom:

    Christmas Phooey

    Those weren’t snowflakes
    That struck your head
    As Santa’s reindeers flew overhead
    The reindeers giggled at the scene below
    Their target dazed from the mighty blow
    “Where did it come form?
    What on Earth hit me?
    I came outside just to play some frisbee.
    Hey, you there, Mister! You across the street!
    Did you throw me your car battery?”
    The stenchy smell that clouded his senses
    Was much more foul then previous offenses
    Lightheaded just before he passed out
    He saw one last image before he blacked out
    The pesky reindeers towing a sleigh
    With tiny hooves whisked Santa away
    In the night sky they looked like but tiny ants
    He could see St. Nick pulling up his pants.

    Ta-dah! I might have to post this poem on my blog. Genius work like this should be enjoyed by all of humanity.



  3. Fun poem... you should post it, if you haven't already! Did you get snow? Or do you?

    Mia has seen it, but we haven't been out in it yet. Oh, and she was shh-ing Maggi, not Marge. lol.


  4. Okay so where are the pictures?


  5. I still need to get my camera from Sis' or Dad's house. Sorry!!! I will do that this weekend.

  6. It didn't come out quite as I had hoped, even after making minor adjustments to it (on my blog). However, it does help to envision the setting: A guy in his front yard minding his own business gets the worst of it when Santa has to potty in between stops.

    Remember to all ways look up before going outside, at least until after Christmas. That's the moral of this story.

    Mr. T