Saturday, November 10, 2007

Typical weekend

I'm a slug. ha. Actually, I felt like we needed some down time, so we're staying in this weekend. I'm still sad about my Mommaw's passing and am dealing with some emotions from that.

I've been cleaning a bit, and am going to try to get the whole house in fairly good shape by tomorrow. As sad as it sounds, I can hear Mommaw tisk tisking me for not having my bed properly made. But you knew by now I'm a goof, right? Really, I just can't stand to be so cluttered. So, I've been working on that.

The dogs and kitty are good; so is Lil M. Well, she seems a bit cranky, too. We're fine though. We're getting back on track.

Now, to the finances... definitely need positive vibes and prayers for that.


1 comment:

  1. Hi Miss Meliss,

    Sounds like all of you are having a nice low-key weekend !!!

    I too could do some of my own cleaning but I just the opposite from you as far as clutter !!! I'm basically clutterless !!! haha !

    Enjoy your weekend.