Friday, November 16, 2007

Way back when

Here are some oldies but goodies... Y'all know I'm a twin. Here we are!!! First pic, I'm on the right. 2nd pic, I'm on the left.
Third pic, I'm on the left, sitting with my great-grandfather. Sis, is with our great-grandmother.
Sis and I with Grandpa Hunt!!! We miss you and love you Grandpa. He was *surely* the strongest man I EVER knew.

Look at the dolled up women-folk at our graduation!!!!! Grandma Heaton!! We love you! Me, Sis, MOM, and Mommaw (We love you too!!!) This is likely my FAVORITE all-time picture, because it has ALL of us in it!!!!!!!!


1 comment:

  1. Wow. I didn't know you were once a kid. Go figure! We are both from similar eras (but I'm younger, ha!), so we probably heard the same music growing up. I think you might have been someone who danced to any song by Culture Club or Madonna:) Maybe the Go-Go's "We Got the Beat." Better yet, WHAM!

    "Wake me up before you go-go..."

    I can see why the last picture is your favorite. I have some of those myself.