Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Little Video

Down on the bottom right of the page... there is a little video I added of Lil M opening a present! Don't mind the baby talk! LOL

I would have added it here, but it is too big for the section.

Added: I had to remove the video because it seems to mess with my page. I will try to add it again, but smaller or something. Thank you for the comments on and off my blog!! :) You can also see it on my MySpace page - www.myspace.com/missmelissa41076


1 comment:

  1. Little Mia in a movie. How ADORABLE is that!!! Even the cat made a cameo appearence:) She's obviously a smart baby who is getting a head start with her reading. Where were Maggi and Marge? They're not drinking again, are they? But back to Baby Cutie Patootie, MORE pics or movies of the Little One, please!! :)

    Cuter than heck, I tells ya...