Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Resting Place

Mommaw started out a "Boone". So, it was befitting that the funeral took place at the Boone-Nickell Funeral Home. Our whole family was there, sans Mom and Uncle June. Even Uncle Lynnie was there. He is not doing well himself, as he has Colon Cancer. But we were so glad to see him and that he was able to make the trip. It is 3 hours or so from Dayton, which is where we all started our trips from.

Mommaw's first husband passed away the year before I was born. She wanted to be buried next to him, and you can maybe see the "Beckett" name plate, but she also has "Hunt" from my Grandpa who she loved very much. God, we are going to miss her.

This is me walking through the area to go back and see what they were going to do with the flowers. There were MANY fresh flowers. She was buried with a purple and pink rose, along with some family pictures and a small quilt I started the day Grandpa went to Hospice. I never got to finish it, but I wanted her to have it.
This is where my Mom's side of the family is laid to rest.

Amazingly, from Mommaw's grave, you can see Marcy's house, who was her Niece. They were very close, and it was comforting to see one of our family homes overlooking Elizaville. This is where we had some family time and dinner after the funeral.


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