Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dinner and Family Time

We wore purple in honor of Mommaw. She was laid to rest in lavendar, and we wanted to show our respect. I am glad we did. She loved purple.Mindy and her new dolls.
Aunt Gay Gay and Me with our dolls.
Aunt Bonnie, Me, Mindy, Aunt Gay Gay and Myra Jo with all our dolls!!! Oh, how Mommaw loved her dolls. We'll have to display them for her.
Chase. He loved the countryside and the drive. We took TONS of pictures on the drive down and back.

It was really good for all of us to spend a few hours together after the funeral. It was a very tough few days for me. Mommaw was SUCH a huge part of our lives, and I still feel guilty for not being able to see her as much as I wanted. It was very comforting to hear how much she talked about Lil' M. Apparently, she carried her pics around and just went on and on about how much she loved her. That just makes my heart melt. You know, adoption is perceived differently than birth, by some. And the fact that Mommaw, in her 90 years... loved this child of mine, and gave her the same love she gave the rest of us is just heartening. There is hope, indeed.

Mommaw had something special set aside for each of her Grandchildren. She had jewelry for the Ladies and her quilts for the Men. Mindy and I were overwhelmed, because we weren't expecting anything. And, definitely nothing as special as the jewelry we saw here wear EVERY day!!! Amazing. So, I'm not the proud owner of the beautiful pendant she wore all the time, and Mindy has one of her rings. Words can't express how this makes me feel. I feel loved.

Mommaw also had her baby dolls that she collected over many, many years that she wanted us girls to have. This again was just for the grandchildren... even though, she had great and great-great grandchildren. Aunt Bonnie did give one of the dolls to Mia, and that just was so nice of her. :)

All of my heart goes out to my family and to Mommaw. May she be sitting with Jesus in a beautiful purple gown with lots of purple flowers and family she hasn't seen in a long, long time!!



  1. Nice to see that you all closed ranks to face this together. And although painful and very saddened, you seem to have elected to face this situation by celebrating the love that all of you still have for your grandmother. It’s quite comforting to have those special people in your life at close proximity when going through something like this.


    Mia looks quite cute pooped and snoozy.

  2. I like the doll collection and the fact of the diversity. Speaks well of your grandmom. We called my grandmothers "mammaw" different spelling than yours. So sorry you lost yours. Beautiful family in purple.