Thursday, November 8, 2007

I must be boring

I don't get many comments anymore.... booh. Nobody loves me?! haha

Really, I know my posts lately have been a bit on the sad side... Hopefully, I'll have some good pics and stuff to post with the holidays coming up.


PS. It is Maggi-Moo's FIRST birthday!!! Woohoo!


  1. Hey, I comment...probably more than I'm wanted to! LOL! You're stuck with me.

    I was thrown off because you said it was Maggi's first b-day today, but I saw a picture of Mia. I thought an unscheduled name change took place:)

    So, what is planned for Maggi's b-day? Is Marge taking you guys out to celebrate? Tell MARGE that since he is the MAN of the house (even though his name is Marge), he should at least treat the ladies out to dinner.

    Let him drive.

    And, of coarse, pay.


  2. I'm still reading!!! Love the pic of your sweet girl! She's getting big!


  3. Happy First Birthday Lil' Maggi !!!

    What is Lil' M doing in that picture ...dancing ? haha !

    Awwww ! you are still loved :)


  4. happy birthday maggie-moo!

    Sorry I don't comment much... I am reading though

  5. I'm here! Just giving you some space in this difficult time.... It's one of those "you don't know what to say!" things.
    i'm glad your feeling a little better. I lost my Granny several years ago and was very sad that she never met Kate. I often talk to her though, as if she is perched on my roof watching.

  6. We're here - really we are... Wouldn't want you to think you're all alone :)

  7. Happy bday to Maggi...

    AND my god your girl is just getting cuter and cuter... is that POSSIBLE??

    And hell no you're not boring, I'm just too damn busy to blog surf and comment anymore!