Friday, February 23, 2007

February is flying

I can't believe it is Feb 23, already. CCAA is off all week for Chinese New Year and there have been some scuttle that they might have been working on the next batch right before they left. I haven't seen any confirmation that they've sent anything yet, though. Of course, I have no idea what this means for me, except it is getting closer.

My agency has estimated I'll get my referral in April sometime. The *early* time could be March, but I have my doubts that'll happen. Wait and see... as usual.

Life is good. Although, a bit stressful this week. (what's new?!) I can't wait to get my updated I-171H.

Maggi is doing well. She's a love. I'm so glad I got her. (of course, now i worry about what'll happen when i have to leave for 2 whole weeks!! i am going to definitely worry about her.) We're working on sitting and staying this week. She loves her vitamins, so she is a bit anxious when i get the bottle to give it to her, happy, anxious. But we're working on her 'manners'. hehe. Must sit and stay before she gets her vitamin. The good thing is that she allows me to pill her before I give her her vitamin, too. This is just something to help her coat, but isn't chewable.

Did I mention that she's gained 2 pounds, and is a whopping 8 pounds now?! :) According to the breeder and vet, she's got about 10 more lbs to go to full size.



  1. Hope to see good news on your blog soon.
    Glad Maggi is fitting right in>

  2. Wow, I can't imagine how it feels being so close!! I'll be anxiously waiting with you for the next month (or less)!

  3. Cant wait to hear more of your story..Hope the waitinggoes by even faster!

  4. you could have a guy, you're just too damn picky.