Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow and ICE

Ok, snow and ice are beautiful to LOOK at... but, definitely not a good combo for driving. No, nothing happened. I'm working from home today.

Maggi is funny 'cause every time something changes with the weather she isn't quite sure at first what is going on. She's figuring it out though. :) I'm quite smitten with my new pup. haha. So, speaking of her, I'll take some more pics today! Maybe even when we go out next time.

Back to the weather. So, it snowed, rained, sleeted last night, and it is still yucky out. Not terrible, but definitely some ice out there. They say this could go on through tomorrow. So, I guess I'll be here until it gets better.

My updated home study was sent to the USCIS (I think) last week. I've asked my home study agency to let me know if they didn't get it sent. If they did (and I hope they did!!), then I should get my updated I-171H in the next 30 days or so.

No new word on the next batch of referrals. Maybe I'll work on my taxes today, too.

Stay warm and safe!!


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