Saturday, March 15, 2008

Not much...

There's not much going on tonight. I did get to go to a women's health seminar today. My friend Ellen and I went. It was fun, as always!! Aiyee Mimi came down and hung out with Lil M today. She also went and had her hair done... Mindy, that is. :) It was a girl day all the way around. haha.

Things are going pretty well, overall, besides today even. It was a busy week, but pretty good. Lil M's newest word is "bye". She walks and almost runs everywhere! She loves her dog purse... that I got her form Valentine's day. It is a little pink purse with a stuffed dog in it!! haha. We're watching Animal Cops Houston right now and she loves to see the animals.

The dogs are doing great, as is Manna. We're really a funny little family here! :D