Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend fun

Lil M, the pups and I went to see Mindy this weekend. We had a great time. Sis and I sat up and talked until 4:30am on Friday night! Then, we ran the errands we've been wanting to run for awhile now. I took a little video of Lil M Saturday night, and will post it if I can. It's a little longer than some of the others. She's TOO CUTE, of course!! :)

I just have so much fun with Mia. We met a man and his two daughters, from China, on Friday at a pizza place in Germantown! It is a tiny little town... and it's just crazy to see another family like mine! :) Very cool.

Some days I mourn the fact that I am not allowed to adopt from China again. And, every day, I'm so HAPPY that I have the daughter I have!!!

Ok, so speaking of which... I am considering adopting again, at some point. The process takes so long, practically wherever you adopt, that I will probably make a decision this year. I'm nervous to have a 2nd, but am thinking it would be good for Lil M to have a sister or brother at some point.


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  1. you guys sound so happy! can't wait to see the video!