Monday, June 15, 2009

Utilitarian Summer quilts

I finally got back into my sewing room this weekend. I had to put in a new TV (so i thought, but it isn't digital either, bah)... and had to take Lil M's VCR (that she doesn't use yet) from her room BACK to the sewing room so I could hook up the DVD player. Sound confusing? Yep. Oh, and I had to clean off a spot so I could put in a little table to hold the VCR and DVD players... off of my sewing table! The TV sits on the corner, but that's ok. I got the TV from my friend Mary-Kelly and it is great!! I can see it without my glasses on while I'm sewing. :) Perfect. haha.

Lil M seemed happy to get to play in a new room (to her) haha. So, she asked me to get the chairs and her some paper! LOL I obliged with the chair, but no paper... 'cause I was trying to get things cleaned up and she didn't want to sit still anyway. When she went to bed, I fixed the TV situation and then decided to work on a couple EASY projects.

I had two pieces of fabric (technically 4 pieces) that had been cut out by someone that looked like they were going to use them for window coverings or something. So, i sewed them together, and made two summer quilts out of them (no batting). Utilitarian, because they aren't meant to be bed quilts and look cute... but be functional. :)

I also made Chicken Potato Corn Chowder this weekend. That was my first attempt at a chowder like that, and it turned out pretty good. :) Hope it keeps well for the week!!!


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