Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's a new day

Tomorrow, T goes to school for the first time in 2 weeks... she has to be on the bus by 6:30 and so she'll need to go to bed pretty early. We're getting ready tonight for her to start tomorrow...

She's getting her room more organized and we got the Christmas tree down and stuff. She's a big help with that sort of thing. She likes things to be organized... it's her thing. I'm OK with that, so long as she stays out of my personal stuff.

We had an NCIS marathon day yesterday... plus laundry. Got almost everything caught up. It would have been nice to get the give-away things together before the end of the year, but we should have most of it ready this week to take to the local non-profit.

Something she thought was funny today - I told her to not "keep something on her person" today and she thought that was funny. It was an important paper, I didn't want her to take out of the house.

Lil M really seems to like her so far. She says this is my house, her house and T's house... all on her own. She seems more than fine for T to be here... that, in an of itself, is a good sign. She can be finicky (rightly so) around people sometimes, and the fact that she calls it all our house is kind of cool.

Lil M and I have taken a couple of naps together this past week, which was nice. She has also crawled into bed with me 4 mornings this week. Which is highly unusual... but I'm perfectly OK with it. I think she just wants to make sure everything is still the same with her and Mommy. She's still working on nighttime dryness... and now really seems to understand that she can get out of her own bed to go if she needs to. But she has been wet at least 3 days this week (the days she didn't come in my room)... and I think it might be because she was just sleeping too heavy at the time to realize she needed to get up. That's my theory, anyhow. :)


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