Friday, January 8, 2010


Lil M is 3 years and 4+ months old now. She is 28 lbs. I need to get her height, but I'm sure she's grown taller in the past 4 months, and then she was 35.5" tall.

Yesterday, she was determined (in her 3 YO way) to make a snowman when we got home. lol. She also wanted to make snowballs. Of course, neither actually looked like what they were supposed to, but she liked piling the snow and playing in it. :)

She is still doing really fantastic with her letters and numbers. She can recognize (out of order) letters in her games, on signs, etc. And, she's gotten more confident with it.

Over Christmas, she loved the Christmas lights...and would say she couldn't see the Christmas lights when we were having dinner (code for Torrie move out of my way)... and would get excited when the tree came on every single day!

She has taken to coming in my room in the mornings, when she hasn't had an accident, and spending a little time with me. Which, I think, it awesome. It's always sweet when your toddler seeks you out. :) She's dry approx 3-4 nights a week right now. Still not wearing pull-ups at all. She gave those up. lol. I know some of this is a repeat... but I wanted to make sure I had it written down.

Lil M likes to play with the cart that came with her kitchen set, and put all kinds of stuff in it. She also plays with her baby doll she got, that has a carrier with straps (or her "backpack")... she's taken to saying the baby is crying and then picks it up and gives it love. She does this with her animals, too.

Meow and Monkey are still the two favorites. Oh, and she talks up a storm most days!! She cracks me up. And then others, she won't hardly say a word. But most of the time... talk, talk, talk!!

One day we went to a restroom at a store, and I said it looked "disgusting"... so, she uses that term a lot now! That's Dis-Gustin !! lol.


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