Sunday, November 5, 2006

2 days running

I finally am getting back on track... running, that is. Sheesh. Got two good days in this weekend. It is about time! I think if I do well this week, my stress levels will go back down. Work has gotten me down lately. I have to get over that.

I treated myself to the cutest little 'baby' Jasmine doll last night at Walmart! hehe. I'm such a kid. ;-) (or, perhaps, I'm really feeling the effects of all this waiting for Mia! eek)

Really, though. I am blessed in so many ways. I thank God for each and every one of them.



  1. Stocking up on toys is a wise idea! (I have to admit that I kept buying dolls for my oldest child even though she never showed any interest in any doll (save for one very homely (wrinkly) "newborn" Korean doll that she promptly named "John Wayne" and would drag about by an arm in a rather "unmotherly" manner.)

    I wonder what ever happened to poor John Wayne? That was when my eleven year old daughter was two. I still remember the funny looks she would get when people would admire her doll, dressed in a ruffly dress, and ask her, "So what is your baby's name?" She would look them square in the eye and reply, "John Wayne," rather defiantly!

  2. OK If running works for stress I'm gonna have to take it up!
    Nothin like a bit-o-retail therapy!