Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Phoebe - 18 days old

I'm in love...... :)


  1. SHE is absolutely adorable!

  2. She is a precious little thing! Happy 1 year LID.

  3. (I think is really great that you are going to have a new little puppy to help you weather the wait. How long 'til you get to bring her home? (the puppy, I mean!))

  4. (never mind...answered my own question--early December. boy do i have a poor memory...had to scan back down and discover it was in a post that i had already read earlier!)

    Is your pup at least local...so you can go and visit her while you wait for her to get old enough to come home? That would make the wait easier!


  5. oh, never mind!!! I answered my last question, too, by re-reading a post that I know I read earlier. I am going to quit making myself look silly by asking questions...that have already been ANSWERED!!!!


  6. Oh how precious! I love puppy feet!

  7. Dublin, you are too funny! :) no problem. ask away...

    She is in VA, as you saw, and it'll be another month til she is here! Seems like so long... wait, it is taking longer for the baby, how am I handling that?! LOL. (note to self - re-do paperwork, yikes).