Sunday, October 15, 2006

Coffee and sis and dreams

Sis and I made our own version of 'fancy-schmancy' coffee house coffee this weekend. YUM. We had a great time this weekend, again, and didn't even go shopping or anything. Neither of us were feeling 100% and so it was nice to just hang out. I made us (me, sis and nephew) pillows out of this bright yellow fuzzy(soft) fabric this weekend. That was fun. Sis gave me one of those little water fountains that is supposed to help you relax. :) It is in my family room now and looks way cool.

Sis said that my odd dream this week was common among parents getting ready to have a, that made me feel better. a little.

I'm starting my usual wondering of when referrals will come in this month and how far they will get! Relaxation is key, as I've been extremely stressed out lately. It is still odd only having one kitty in the house!!



  1. I'm going to agree with your sis as I had many wierd dreams before I had my daughter, I couldn't even tell them to many people incase they thought I was going to be an unfit mother but many of them were very sweet too.
    I had a dream not long ago that I was just rocking her in the rocking chair and I just had soooo much peace in my heart when I woak up.
    Here's to happy dreams!

  2. I had a ton of bizarre dreams while we waited for our referral of a daughter from China. I also had one absolutely beautiful dream and it came true! Our daughter had brown wavy hair in my dream - and she does in reality! Odd - but true. Hang in there with the waiting!!
    Missy - Mom to Empress Fussy pants