Thursday, October 19, 2006

No comments?

Wow, I thought for sure that I'd get some comments on my puppy acquisition... or at least from the pics I posted! No dog people here??? i thought for sure i'd get - No, get this or that kind of dog... it's a great family dog... or what in the heck is a Crested?! It's ok, I guess. I am a cat person...turning into a dog person (maybe!)...

I guess I just have to continue to sit here smiling silly all on my own. So there. ha. (my theory that this is a good time to get her is that i feel good about it. let's hope that continues and i don't start worrying about her size and health and stuff! thankfully, she will be here by early Dec.)

I'm also very interested in the rumors of the next batch of referrals! I've heard they'll come next week, and maybe go through Aug 23?? BIG IF. So, we shall see...

Updated: I got a couple of interesting comments today, but not online ones...

Dad and Brother - you're going to name her what? Why don't you name her Sha-quay-quay or Phillipia.... Uli, what's that? Sounds like a disease! Ok... Phoebe ShaQuaQuay it is! ROFL. Dad said that when i bring her over my stepmom won't want me to bring her home! haha.

One of my best friends gave me the most negative comments about my getting a puppy. I was so hurt. I am not sure if she thinks I haven't mourned enough for Rachel (which I continue to do, but just not quite as openly)... or if it is because I gave 2 of the kitties up because of the house problems... or if it is truly because of the baby. She said that she doesn't think this is the right time and that it will be too much with the baby. And if I couldn't deal with the mess of cats (mess? How about destroying the family room so that i couldn't even have guests over or have the baby crawl on the floor... that not just a 'mess'). ... then how could I deal with a Puppy, who will surely make messes!!! OMG. Does this mean that I'm a) irresponsible? b) not capable? c) bad kitty parent so I shouldn't have a puppy? d) i didn't mourn enough, so I'm have no feelings and can just move on like that? (which is SO not true) It REALLY hurt my feelings. REALLY.

I can't even believe she feels that way. I've been looking into getting a dog for 2 years or more! She knows that! I just thought that this seemed like a good time. I've been so sad. I thought a little puppy in the house would liven things up and I could get her potty trained before the baby gets here.

Oh well. This distraught me to the point that I *actually* told one of my co-worder friends about the adoption (swore him to secrecy, of course)!! He was SO nice about it and about the puppy (knowing, too, the problems i've had with the cats... even though i really do love them.)

So, between him and my dad/brother, I'm feeling much better. They are a riot! Thank you God.



  1. I think you will be a great puppy parent, and I like the name Phoebe for a puppy. I can't comment on the breed of the pup as I know nothing about them but she is awful cute.
    Read Romans 16:1-2
    She may be a helper sent to you to endure the wait.

  2. Thank you! :) ...she has been a great help to many people, including me...

    I just love your thought. It is kind of how I feel. I think she will help me get through the wait... especially the harder wait coming up.

    Blessings and Peace.

  3. Get the furball- the other one- the hairless ones look scary.

    BTW, dogs are totally different than cats. Easily housetrained, can be crated or contained in certain rooms when you are not in. They are so easy to take care of and so worth it. I want one before we get our daughter but DH says no, after. Oh well. I think it's a grand idea!

    Get a little girl puppy- they are easier to housebreak and do not "spray" marking their territory like some dogs do.

    It's going to be fine. Shame on your friend. I would have had my feelings hurt, too.