Tuesday, October 24, 2006

All in, or not in at all.

So, I did go ahead and decide to get the little Chinese Crested puppy. Even against some advice not to. I have heard they they aren't good alone all day every day... of course, I didn't read that part until after I had already made the decision, so I'm hoping I'm right and just going to move forward with my decision.

Little Phoebe will be ready December 8. I'm going to take a couple of days off that next week, and then the entire week of Christmas. I'm hoping that helps get her used to me and trained a bit.

Referrals are in the pipe, I'm thinking, but who knows when or to what date!

I also selected my insurance and such for next year. I wonder how fast I'll be able to update that when I find out who my daughter will be. They say 30 days... I re-upped my 401K investment, not quite back to what i used to do, but more than what I have been. I've been trying so hard to get some money saved. Oh, one good thing that happened was that my Director said I could roll over 10 days of vacation next year because it doesn't look like there will be any way for me to use it before the end of this year. That is GREAT news, because I'll be able to use part of it for the adoption time!! Very, very good. I do have to use one week of it in the first quarter... so, let's see when my referral comes. Maybe it'll come in Feb/Mar??

I haven't been sleeping so well again lately. I am hoping that changes soon. Work has been stressful, still, but we have hired 2 new people that start Monday and one of our India team members also comes in on Monday to work through our next test cycle. So, that will be pretty good, I hope! :)

I'm rambling, I know. I just had some kind of boring stuff to write about today...



  1. Glad to see you got your pup.
    She will be all trained and ready for when you come back from China.
    I'm predicting you will get your referral in January. I'll guess the 28th!
    Lets see if I'm even close.
    Word verification on my post is AIMFW looks like aim forward!

  2. You are too sweet and positive! Thanks for hanging around my blog. :) Let's see how close you are on my referral! I'm still wondering when they will come this month!