Monday, October 16, 2006

Chinese Crested puppies... help

I'm looking at getting a puppy. Sis says it is good for the baby to have a puppy, hehe. Actually, I have read that it is good for children to have pets in the home. We have Manna, but she is 12 years old... so, since I am actually allergic to cats (bet you didn't remember that part), I am thinking of getting a puppy instead of a kitten...

I've been online looking up Chinese dogs... Pugs, Shi Tzu (sp?) and Sharpei puppies... and then I happened upon Chinese Crested puppies... some are hairless and some are little fluff balls (called power puffs). The one I found (and sort of fell in love with at first sight, hahaha) is a little black and white one, female. She would be just a bit smaller than sis' dog Max...and we all love him to death. He is a Min-Pin and I wouldn't be opposed to getting one of those either. This little one could travel with me if and when need be... of course, she won't be good to run with, unless I put her in a carriage!!! ROFL.

So, the question is... anyone out there have one of these? Do you like it? I read that they can be hard to house break... but can be crate trained (which is what I would have to do). She is just a cutey pie... and I'm trying to figure out if I should take the plunge now since I've got a little while longer to wait for the baby (like, 'til March?) Oh, and she's about 12 weeks old, so, she's a great age to get started...

(and just for the record... part of the reason why i didn't start looking for a puppy before now is because of the cost (i'm still saving for the adoption and have had other expenses come up, too)... and these little cuties are not cheap. i'm wondering if she is worth the cost or not... but she is So cute... decisions, decisions)


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  1. You might also look into opening your home to a Chinese Crested in need...there are CC's of all ages available for rescue at We rescued our dog and she is the world's absolute best dog ever. Rescue orgs. evaluate the health, temperament, etc. of each dog so you get the perfect match.