Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Chinese Crested update...

The breeder (in MO) for the little girl I was looking at didn't want to give me references. She said that the references she had on her website were all she'd give out. I think not. So, I am continuing my search for a puppy.

I happened upon another breeder in a different state (VA) who had puppies born on 10/13 of this month! One is a little black haired powder puff girl with white socks. She looks cute. I wonder just how black her hair will stay. I'm seriously considering going ahead and putting a deposit on her. I could get her Dec 8 and that would be good timing for the end of the year and taking a little time off, if need be.

When I called one of the references for this puppy, I spoke with a lady who didn't buy a Crested from this breeder, but a Westie. She had lots of good things to say about them. Then I told her about my adopting...and she said her daughter was thinking of adopting from China! WOW. What a small world! So, I think I talked more than she did!! hahaha. It is so great who you get to meet on this journey. God definitely shows us those connections to each other.

Then, I spoke with one gentleman who was just as nice as could be. He also had great things to say about the breeder, which was nice. He's gotten 2 Cresteds from him, plus a Westie. So, that was nice. It did come out that he is good friends with the breeder, but he did seem very honest and told me that the breeder keeps the pups indoors with them and that they are very loving to the animals. That is a good thing. Socialization is very important, IMO. So, now the question is... do I go with the Powder Puff (likely) or the hairless? I think I'll start with the PP and then if I ever decide to get another, I'll go with the more exotic HL. :D

Oh, and her name will be Phoebe.


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