Friday, May 2, 2008

Daycare, ugh

I'm aggravated. I went to pick Lil M up at daycare today, and some woman and I had words. I've never in my life had someone act like she did to me. And I'll likely get us kicked out of daycare, 'cause I called her a Bitch.

Here's what happened. I was going downstairs to pick up my daughter. I stood on the right of the hallway, which is small. This woman comes up the stairs and says she's going the direction I came from (I assumed she meant out, but she meant to the room behind me.) So, when I didn't move, she said "well, alright, if you want to be in the way". IN THE WAY?? WTF? I wasn't trying to be in the way. I actually, was as close to the wall as I could be to be OUT of her way. So, I said... as I was walking downstairs... ok... if you want to be a bitch.

She came around the corner and got really witchy with me. Alrighty then. Great. So, I go in to get Lil M. Se la vie, right? Wrong.

I got upstairs and this woman PUSHES me in the ARM!!! OMG. She touched me! Then she got about 1" from my face and was beligerent... can you say.. Postpartum?!! Then she said I better watch out. ... from what? I said... I'm not afraid of you, and she said I should be!!! (then, she agreed when I asked if that was a threat.) OMG.

When I left I called the DC back and apologized to the girl in the office for making a scene. I have never in my entire life had words with anyone like that before. I swear to God, she's psycho... or she was a bully in school or something. Thank God her kids aren't in Mia's class.

I'm wondering if she was such a witch because I was way smaller than her... maybe she thought I was really young or something. Regardless, she can kiss my ass. Really. I didn't mean to cause a ruckus. I was trying to get out of her way, and then she had to be rude.

So. I probably just got us kicked out of daycare. F'ing Great. And, now I'm super cranky.

End rant.


  1. Sorry something so horrible happened. I really don't see why you should be kicked out - she threatened you. Good luck!

  2. That woman sounded like a complete nightmare. What is scarier is that she is raising children - to be like her. That makes my stomach turn.

  3. OH.MY.GAH. RIDICULOUS. Some people I swear. Don't sweat it. At all. Not worth your time.

  4. Well sometimes you just gotta stand up for yourself!!