Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May Dates

So, the month of May is quite special around here.

May 1 - I got the news that I was in the referral batch
May 2 - I got my referral, and got to see Lil M's face for the first time (approx 2:30pm)!
May 3 - I received 2 more pics of my beautiful daughter
May 14 - first mother's day celebration for me - of course, we always celebrate Mother's day!
May 24 - our Visas came in for travel!
May 29 - Skippy came to stay with us for a little while
May 30 - Red Thread - September 27, 2006, was the day my dossier was sent to China, and the day Lil M was found.
May 31 - My travel approval (TA) came that day!!!

Plus, May 21 is Sis and my birthday and May 26 is my Dad's bday!! ;)

Quite awesome really.


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