Monday, May 5, 2008

The happy and sad...

Sad news first... Sis is STILL going through the awful divorce crap. And today, yes today, is her 11th anniversary. :( This is her 2nd anniv. that's she's been separated. It sucks. And prayers are welcome. Peace, she needs strength and peace.

Happy news !!

This week is the 1 year anniversary of my seeing Lil M's face for the first time!!! MAY 2, to be exact, so all week, I'm going to try to put some fun stuff on. :) Last year at this time, I was so anxious to see her little face!!! To see her, period! I had these huge doubts that she'd love me and that she'd want me... we've come a long way, baby!! It is so exciting to me to be able to know when she's sleepy... or why she is crying... or know what "her" words mean (newest one is "dat", which means Cat... which is an improvement of her calling the cat - dog-dog!! LOL)

Mia and I have gone through our adjustment period for the past 10 months together. It has been amazing. In this time she's learned how to sit up, roll over, crawl, pet the dogs, feed the dogs (ha!), walk, talk, make funny faces and noises... she's also learned to fall asleep with Mama on the couch and be held (we've had some meltdowns, but things have drastically improved). She has learned how to do simple tasks like picking out her shoes in the morning, helping Mama put her shirt on... and wiping her face or nose when asked!! :)

She has gone from my "baby" to my toddler in just a few months!! Even letting the bottle go on April 15, when she was 19 months old. She's gone from almost no hair to enough hair to put in pigtails! Oh, and from a rear facing car seat (until almost 15 months old) to a front-facing, big girl car seat!

She can hold my face and give me eskimo kisses, and push my nose and says "No(se)", very exaggerated!! She can even give me butterfly kisses. :) Too cute. She's my angel. And I'm so blessed to be her Mommy (Ma, Maa-ey).

More later. I just hope that any of you still waiting remember that this is a journey... and that your day WILL happen!!! I can't believe it's been almost a year for us, already. Amazing.


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  1. Happy 1 year referral anniversary! What a day to celebrate!