Saturday, June 7, 2008

It's (not) all about me...

Gee, what a concept. It's NOT all about ME. haha. I knew that... but I felt like it's what I should write about today. (i started this post this morning, but am finishing it this evening...)

What I wanted to write about is about adoption, again, and some of the posts I've been reading lately. Adoptees saying their aparents don't 'get it'... and that it isn't about "us" it is about the adoptees. Ok, I'll grant you that in some ways it is solely about the adoptees. In other ways, it is Everyone in the adoption triad. The sad part is that I will likely Never know Lil M's first mom. For us to find her, in China, compared to Korean adoptions of the last generation... is just completely and totally different. I mean, we have NO information, and I do mean, none. Kind of scary in some ways, actually. And it doesn't make me any less curious... and wonder if someday Lil M will want to try to find out what happened.

I suppose I'm jumping the gun. But it is something I do occasionally think about. Ok, more than occassionally.

So, anyway, I've had a migraine today. Not real happy about that... 'cause it meant we missed dinner with Ellen. And I think Scott might be mad at me. I haven't seen him in a week. :(


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