Sunday, July 13, 2008

Catching up...

So, last weekend we took Lil M and Chase to the amusement park. It was a good day. Then over the week, I had to work alot. Got that done... on Friday, we went to my work picnic, at another amusement park. This one has teeny-tiny rides that babies can do by themselves!! So, Lil M got to ride her first rides by herself! She also played on two different slides! BOY, does she LOVE the slide!!! No fear... a bit scary for Mama!!

Other than that this weekend, we've been home... and I'm trying to get some things cleaned and organized. I printed off a bunch of pic and even framed a few. My wireless isn't working right now, for some reason, so I'm sitting here in my office. Got to fix that.

Laundry, matching socks and decluttering... doesn't that sound like fun?!!!

Here are some more pics. :) A couple are from when I had Lil M and Chase for a couple days, then his bday party with his Mommy, then the park!



  1. Glad you guys are doing so well, pics are adorable! Did you get some of her on her first rides by herself? Hope so!

  2. Cute photos! Your little princess is adorable!