Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I've been fostering a little black (with white markings on chest and feet) puppy this past week. He is a mix of Lab and Pointer... and is as sweet as he could be! I've temporarily named him "Marlon" (as in Brando, baby). Or Marlin... the fish, for my honey. Well, I'm a little distraught. Marlin might be harder to find a home for than I would have ever realized. He's not going to be a large dog, from what we can tell... more like medium size (50lb?) But for some reason, people adopt black dogs the least out of any... and that is just sad. !! He is adorable and has the greatest personality. He's been nice to train, too... and if you know anything about me, that's saying a lot!

If you live in the Ohio tri-state area and are looking for a puppy... he's 99% housetrained, approx 4 months old, and crate-trained. He is a joy! He gets along with my dogs just fantastically... I'd love to keep him, but I've got two dogs already, plus Lil M. 3 dogs is a bit much for me right now... or... lol Seriously. I can't keep him. But I also can't see him somewhere where he isn't fully loved and in a great home. He deserves a good home.

Please email me if you're interested through my myspace www.myspace.com/missmelissa41076

Otherwise, please pray that we find him a home. :)


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  1. With a mix of lab and pointer this should be one people friendly dog! I grew up with pointers and they love belly rubs and scratches behind the ears :) Too cool. He a lucky dog to have such a great foster mom!!