Friday, July 25, 2008

People still visit

I know I haven't been writing as much this year as I have before... yes, I'm sure it is understandable since I have a baby now... but I do still feel a bit guilty about it. What is cool is that there are some of you who still visit! :)

So, I'll tell you what's been up with me...

It's been a long few months trying to get into a new groove. Lil M is still quite amazing and fun. She laughs a lot. She's grown SO MUCH in the past year! We've got a pretty good schedule down. Even with the dog-dogs! :) Skippy has gained weight in the past year. He looks great. He still has a wonderful personality and I've been so glad he's mine! Maggi is still quite the barker. I've tried practically everything... but I love her still! She's quite lovie and she and Skippy are the best of friends.

Work has been the hardest adjustment, I'd say. I went from having a fantastic manager and job to having a rough time after I got back from China last year. Really rough time. Then I got a new job. I like it. But it's been a big adjustment, too. I'm getting there, though.

Mia and I spend our evenings at home with the dogs. We have dinner and then playtime and/or bath. We almost always have a little bit of Mama Mia cuddle time before she goes to bed. The weekends are filled with family, laundry and trying to decompress. I realize that things have "changed"... that thing that EVERYONE pounded into me before I left for China... and it is a "new" normal. I am trying to allow myself some flexibility in what kinds of things I do and don't do... one of the biggest things I miss is my running.

I haven't been running because my left hip hurts. My Dr. wants me to have an x-ray. The thing that bums me out is that I haven't felt like I could just go out the door and run. Ah, but I can! I have been a few times with my jogging stroller. It is heavy, and I'm not in as good a shape as I normally would be... with this stupid hip issue. So, I just need to get better and get motivated. I feel much better now taking Mia out. There were a few months where I just felt like we should stay in and get stabilized... she's always been very amenable to going places and doing stuff with me, but I didn't want to run her to death.... if that makes sense. I have a tendency to go go go.

I quilted a couple times this summer, and need to get more back into that. I really miss it too. I guess, like I said before, I've been feeling like I've been solely concentrated on Lil M these past few months. That's not bad... but I do need some "me" time, too.

Thank you all who've kept up with us, even though I haven't been as good at writing. I can't believe Lil M turns 2 in August!!! One minute time seems to stand still, and then the next it flies.



  1. yes, people still visit!!
    Kate had an amazing transformation around 2. A little more logic in her beautiful brain, less energy, more thinking. I didn't have to parole her like she could get into trouble any minute. I could take a longer shower, knit while she played, walk in and out of a room without fear.

    Now at 3, she is even more self-sufficient. Potty training is hard, but soo worth it.

    You'll see big changes, and dare I say, she won't be a baby anymore.

    I also remember when my back told me that Kate needed to walk now. I miss carrying my little one, but she's just too big.

    You'll find some more space and time for yourself. Toddlers take an enormous amount of energy.

  2. ps. so glad Lil Mia is doing so well!

  3. I've been a horrible commenter, I know, but I have kept up believe it or not! Sorry about your hip- you are going to get it checked out right?? I am SO TOTALLY out of shape. I have never been overweight in my LIFE until this last year. I like to blame it on the ex... time to shed it off!