Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Maggi and Shelties

I've been thinking a lot lately about my animals. I've brushed Maggi out two days in a row and she looks GORGEOUS, if I do say so!!! She's turning into such a great little dog. I need to have her measured and weighed. :)

My biggest problem with her has been her barking. I've tried quite a few things, with little success. I am considering taking her to obedience classes... and moving into agility. I think that she'd love it. We'll see.

It is awfully cute to see Mia tell them to sit or try to tell them to 'wait'... she doesn't quite have that one down yet... I think she'd have a great time with teaching/learning them too. lol

Anyway, I've been out looking at pics of other Shelties... and I have to say that Maggi is quite pretty!! Other show shelties are pretty... and I realize I'm biased, but my Maggi is quite the looker!


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  1. show us, show us :O) don't have any advice on the barking, some dogs just have a lot to say!