Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Manna and stuff

So, Manna is home. She seems to be doing a little better. She's on two meds... and is getting treats, to make it a little easier to give her the meds. The thyroid meds have to be given for 30 days and then we go back. I think that if the radiation treatment is an option (which i've heard it is) then that's what we'll do... unless the Vet thinks otherwise.

I'm just glad she seems to be starting to feel a little better.

The rest of us are doing ok this week. Lil M has taken to telling me to 'sit'... and she sits on the couch and points to my spot. haha. She also seems to like Elmo. So, I got her an Elmo potty for potty training... let's see how that goes.

She likes to bring her toys up onto the couch, so she can sit with me and play. :) But she has also been doing pretty well with playing in her room for a little bit on the weekends. She stood on the back porch while I cut the grass this weekend... kept looking for me to make sure I was there. :) She still likes to put her blankets on the dogs and pat them... :) She even covered me with a blanket the other day and patted me. haha. Such the caregiver. She's giving Mama more kisses too! We went for a little bit where she didn't want to... and she's still giving great hugs.

She's protective of Manna when Manna is eating her food... tells the dogs No... cute.

Anyway, more later.


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