Saturday, August 2, 2008

Manna update

The Vet called today and said that Manna has hyperthyroidism. I get to go pick her up here shortly, and will know a little more then. He said she will be on medication, and we'll see how she does, but she might need radiation treatment or surgery. :( Her heart had an irregular beat, and she was breathing way too hard, but she seems to be doing a little better, so far. So, let's see.

I'll post when I know more... thank you for your prayers. It is so weird that she's not here this morning... I am SO not ready for her to be gone permanently.


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  1. Melissa... I was married to a vet (cardiologist). My cat had this too- 3 days of radiation CURES IT FOR LIFE. It's not cheap but for me it beat trying to get meds in my cat, plus knowing I would never have to worry about that problem again was a bonus. The irregular heartbeat is caused BY the hyperthyroidism. Hope no matter what he's feeling better soon. I'm so relieved that it was this- it's pretty simple to treat!