Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So, my friend H and i took Lil M to get chinese food for dinner tonight. H is a sweetie. We decided to go shoe shopping for Mia. :) I wanted to get her some black patent leather for the winter. We went to Target and got some for $7.99!! woot! After that, we walked past the lady's undergarment section... H was telling us how the cute bras are never for larger busted (boobed) women. Well... first embarassing Mommy moment... Lil M picked up on the "boob" word... she kept point to bras and saying "boob, boob, boob"! ROFL It was hysterical. I was so pleased that we weren't around a lot of people... 'cause it made me and H laugh pretty hard. too cute. ;-)

My little goose. Such a cutie.

I have a little work situation... ugh, will it ever end... can i just throw out a request for "work prayers"... pray pray pray.

Love to all.


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  1. LOL!! That's hysterical. Well, I guess it's better than some other words.

    I have to admit, boob can be a fun word for a child. Just listen to how it sounds. And, once you told her to stop, I'm sure it just made it worse.