Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New for me

I'm enjoying my new job, so far. I'm trying to get used to the drive, but other than that... it's night and day from where I've been recently. It's neat to be on a Governance team that determines what other groups will use as their tools and such. I also get to implement a couple of applications. That is going to be cool.

I'm also very thankful and grateful that Mindy was able to find a job, too!! She's been very worried for awhile now, and it was great that she started her new job the day after I started mine! Her "Big-D" didn't quite go through yesterday, which was unfortunate, but we know why (her soon-to-be-ex is very difficult). This will help her in some ways, but it hurts in others... she can't wait to have more time with Chase, which is what she deserves and should have.

Lil M fell down the stairs last night. OMG. It totally freaked me out. She just rolled down them, mostly, but I'm keeping an eye on her to make sure she's still ok. She was shocked/scared more than anything, from what I could tell. Thankfully, I have split stairs, so it wasn't that far (maybe 6 stairs)... she totally just lost her balance. She's been doing really great crawling up the stairs. I don't let her go down them by herself... when she goes up them, she doesn't stand, so being off balance isn't usually an issue. I always keep a very close eye on her near the stairs... now I will even more so!! Crazy stuff. She really seems to be OK...



  1. That is great to hear your sister has a new job at last. Congratulations and hope it goes well. Hope Lil M is doing ok - thank goodness it doesn't sound as if it was a bad fall.

  2. When I first found your blog I was very interested in what would happen to your running after you brought your daughter home. I'm a competitive fencer and haven't come back as strong or as motivated since taking time off last year in Jan. to paperchase. Then, my grandmother was with me in Dec. for her final weeks of life so I took time off during and after that, too.

    Do you find it's lack of time, energy and/or motivation, the season or something else that's made running take a backseat (besides, the obvious fact that you now have a daughter)?

    Part of my lack of motivation to fence arises from the fact that after competitions, I realize it doesn't really MEAN anything useful to humanity. After the tournament, even if I win, it's back to the same grind of training and fighting at the next tournament back to the top. Then one gets old and that's it, the young ones take their place at the top. Whereas, I could be donating the time and money I now use for fencing to do something more meaningful to humanity. It's sort of a strange mind thing with me right now.

    The focus I have on preparing for my daughter is amazing. I imagine her at my fencing club with me while I practice, but I can easily imagine that staying home and playing with her will be more fun.

    Any thoughts?

  3. always scary when they fall. Glad the new job is going well and that your sis got a job. Praying for your requests!!