Friday, February 29, 2008


....So far, I'm feeling better today than I did yesterday. Maybe it is because I got to have a nice chat with my friend Ellen. Maybe it is because I am feeling better about getting some bills paid... maybe it is because it is FRIDAY!! lol. Whatever the reason, I'll take it!!

Lil M and I are going to go pick up her pics tonight - this weekend! I can't wait! I'll definitely post some as soon as I can! TOO CUTE.

added: I had written this post earlier today... and I have one addition. Lil M has had a fever since morning. This afternoon it got to 103. :( That completely changed my/our plans for tonight. And, likely, for the rest of the weekend. Not sure why she's not feeling well. I postponed getting her pics until tomorrow, at least. UGH. I was really hoping we'd be over these winter illnesses...


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  1. Lovely pics. She is absolutely beautiful. Great pic of the two of you too.