Monday, January 28, 2008


Round and round we go. Ugh. I had to call the Dr. again today because I am still sick (got a cold when Mia got sick... who had strep and a sinus infection)... and that turned back into a sinus infection...and I'm afraid I might have Strep. I called the Dr. today, and she prescribed another round of antibiotic, but I'm going to call her again in the morning and see if she'll do the test. I'm miserable. And... this is ridiculous. Aren't parents just supposed to get colds and such when their kid goes to daycare? Not every single fricking thing they get....???!!!!

Seriously, I think my head is going to fall off. My throat is killing me... i'm achey all over and I have a slight fever. My lymph nodes are sore and so are my ears (although, last time I told her that, she said they were fine... it was in my sinuses, actually. Great.)

So there you have it. Boy, can I whine. Please, pass the cheese now.

Peace and wellness...

PS. I checked the antibiotic the Dr. gave me and it is for Strep (among a couple of other things). The last one I was on, was mostly for sinusitis. So... that makes me feel a little better, knowing that this antibiotic might kick in soon and I'll feel better. Please God.


  1. Hope you start feeling better soon..
    Sorry to hear you are sick..
    Have a Better week..

  2. I can sooo sympathize with you. I am finally over my nasty cold which seemed to last forever. Try to feel better soon!

  3. hope you feel better soon. I think I am starting my 4th sinus infection. I got the tale tell sign, soar throat, last night.


  4. sorry to hear of your sickness. i"m likely pulling through a virus of some kind myself.
    This year we got less than last year, BUT the winter season is hardly over...

    Drugs are good!

  5. Bless your heart! I hope you get to feeling better SOON! (By the way, your precious daughter is cute as a button in her lime green ensemble! I love the hat!!!)

  6. Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry you guys are battling the crud. Hope you are better soon, I just went through a major sinus infection for a week and it was tough! Hang in there!