Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Single Parenting

(you might be seeing a theme here today. Happy Thoughts.)

Here is a snipet of an article I read on : http://www.adoptionservices.org/adoption/

......single adoptive parents have proven to be very successful in encouraging their own acceptance. The latest research indicates that children raised in single adoptive parent families compare favorably with other adopted children and show a healthy involvement with friends and family as well as in the activities of their age group. It has been shown that it is the instability of broken homes, rather than the absence of a parent, that causes difficulty for a child.
In 1985, an 8- year longitudinal study of 22 single adoptive parents reported that the child care provided by the parents had been consistent and of high quality. The researchers stated that, "The single parents of this study lead busy lives and seem to manage the demands of jobs, home, and parenting with a sure touch." The parents interviewed, who were both African-American and Caucasian, had adopted young children, most of whom were under the age of 3. The authors questioned whether a single parent placement would be as appropriate for an older child who has had difficult experiences, since more older children are available today.

These researchers concluded that "single parent homes may be particularly suited for children who need intense and close relationships and thus particularly appropriate for many of the older children in foster care who are now being prepared for permanent homes. For some children, such a close bond may meet a need and be a path to normal development."

Blessings and Peace my friends.


  1. Ok, I was looking for your time line to see when you started the process and how long you've been home. Needless to say can't find it as I keep getting interrupted! lol... How old is your precious baby? She is darling. How long have you been home? You must feel like the biggest winner of all. I think motherhood makes us feel that way. I know it did for me. Nothing in this world could have prepared me for the emotional roller coaster I have been on since returning with the twins. Shhh. But it's the greatest experience of my life. I love your blog too...

  2. Thanks insanemommy!!!

    I started the process Dec '04 when I was accepted in a Singles slot with CCAI. I started my paperwork Jan '05, and was LID 10/31/05.

    Mia and I have been family since June 19, 2007!!! :)

    I do feel like the luckiest Mama!! She is just amazing and I thank God every day.


    PS. I'm a twin!! I bet it is awesome to be able to have adopted twins!!