Monday, January 21, 2008


I got Lil M a new car seat today. It is pretty nice! It is grey and pink. Girly!

It's called the Alpha Omega Elite in Bella (by Cosco), but I got it at BabysRUs 'cause I had two gift cards to use. Sis told me not to get a new one, 'cause I have one I got for free... but I wanted a cute one. LOL. And since I have to look at it for 3 or more YEARS, I thought I'd go ahead and get it!!! haha. We'll use the other one in Sis' car!!

I asked a guy in the parking lot to help me take out the old one, which was getting too small for her when she has a coat on! So, he did get it out for me, and then I sat there with her in the old one... and the care on in the parking lot and got the new one installed ALL BY MYSELF! Woot!!

Anyway, so, I had three things I wanted to get done this weekend... laundry, clean the floors, and get to the store and get more tissues, juice and chocolate. hehe. I got most of the laundry done, so far. I cleaned the kitchen floor. Fun, fun. And I did get to the store and get the few items I needed. But I didn't get the DVD-R up and running. I even got a converter to see if I can get it to work tonight. Otherwise, I've got to have Mindy look at it. I just can't get it to work... and, yes, I read the directions!!

So, after all that fun stuff, I decided we had to get out of the house again today for a little bit, even though Lil M and I aren't 100% well yet. I can only sit still for so long! I'd run, but I'm still sick.

Anyway, enough rambling. I like the carseat so far. I think Mia does, too. So, let's see!!!



  1. Glad to hear Mia is doing better. Take care.

  2. Thanks, Tom!!!

    Did you have a good Christmas? Did Santa bring you what you wanted? You never did say!!

    Mia is doing better, I think... and I've officially gotten the cold back. Oh well... the trials of mommyhood!! haha


  3. Now that is a Sweeeeeet Ride !!!

    Sounds like the Cadillac of baby seats !!!