Tuesday, October 7, 2008


so, I have this opportunity to take a short-term contract (to hire) position at the DAV, which is the Disabled American Veterans Headquarters here in KY. Kind of neat, actually. A job that might make me feel like I can make a difference even in the type of work I do... testing software. I'm getting excited about this adventure, and am hoping that if I like it and they like me, that maybe at the 3months they'll hire me on permanently. Wow, to help our men and women who have fought the good fight and come back to tell about it... they need our support. I'm honored to give them that.


PS. I'm looking into my future as an adoptive parent and what might be available to me... I've started seeking out information about Bulgaria, so far. Prayers welcome...

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  1. I just wanted to say, 'Hi!'
    Then I read about thinking of your future adoption plans as a single parent.
    I'm a single Mum too - I got my referral from China in the same batch as yours and Alice came home from Yunnan in July 07. She is my first child but I always said that I'd have at least 2 children (I wanted my children to have a sibling - I'm an only child).
    With the change in rules I've faced different challenges with my second adoption but now I'm nearing the end of my Homestudy for a SN child from Thailand - you can read more about it on my blog!
    Good luck,