Thursday, October 9, 2008

Freaked out

So, my little Maggi Moo usually goes outside and barks at the world... I even got a doormat that says This House Protected by Sheltie Alarm System. HA. God, does she bark.

Well... tonight, I thought Maggi was barking at nothing again... or nothing important, anyway (she barks at cars, and the dogs next door especially)... and I went out to get her and Skippy to bring them in. When I looked up, however, there was a large, creepy guy walking in my neighbor's side yard... tall guy, large belly. When he saw that I saw him, he stopped moving and just stood there. I went inside and called the police. When they came, there was no one there... of course. But now, I'm totally freaked out. I guess it could have been my neighbor... but I don't know that. The police said they'd canvas the neighborhood for a couple of days... but ... i'm still nervous. God I hope it was nothing.

Who would have thought I'd find protection in a 19lb tri-colored sheltie dog?



  1. Glad the police found nothing and I hope he doesn't come back again. Have you thought about getting some motion sensitivie lights fitted to the outside of your building for additional security? A trip to the pet shop for some reward biscuits is called for!

  2. That is creepy. Yay for your doggie!! I'm really glad the police came out an investigated though. that is good.

    I bet maggie gets extra special loving the next few days!

  3. Lissa, tell your neighbor that you saw someone in their yard. That way they're aware of it too & can keep an eye out to protect themselves and the neighborhood too. Best case of course, is that they know who it was and you'll have peace of mind