Friday, October 24, 2008

No job is perfect, but...

I started a new job this week. People who know me well know why. The funny thing is that I am just too tickled for words over this opportunity. Not the 'future' opportunity of it or anything, but the 'now' advantages...

a) my current boss couldn't possibly be, nor is, the super-bitch that my previous boss was... she's actually pleasant! So is my boss' boss! He's a riot. I don't (yet, and hope to never have to) have to go into work dreading each and every minute of being there every day... Thank you God.

b) i'm so damn close to home it is obscene!!! and i love it. I essentially get about 1.5 hours back a day to spend with Lil M right now!!! WOW.

I get to learn a new testing tool... good for the resume, otherwise, the tool pretty well sucks. oh well. This just means I have to convince them to change to the other one, or deal with it. I can deal with it for now. :)

If I play my cards right, I can make change at this place.... AND get to do work for the 'greater good'... well, a non-profit that helps Veterans.

The downside is a) it is a contract position, not huge posibility for perm and b) it's a bit slower on the draw than the bigger companies i've worked for. But, hey, no job is perfect, right???

Anyway, now it is time for me to start to decompress... start to let go of the crap... FIDO (forget it, drive on)... boy, is it hard. I am TRYING. I really am. But it's almost a constant thought of stress from something or another. I'm getting through it, and Lil M is still the brightest sun in my life. She is such a joy. God, I hope she always has that happiness.

Daycare has been wonderful with me the past few weeks, giving me some leeway bringing Lil M in part-time and all. I thank them for that and know that the good gesture will bring them good as well.



  1. Glad you new job seems a positive move and lets you spend more time with your girl. Hope it continues to go well.

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  3. This is as close to perfect as it gets!! Good Luck!!!