Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good for Him

"I’m not a masochist, though I once tried to be because I believed God and men required it of me."

This quote comes from a woman (Heart) who used to be a part of a popular right-wing patriarchal movement. It could have come from any woman, though, who has ever felt put down by her family, the man in her life, her father, brother or her church. Any woman who feels put down, or the need to put themselves down because they feel lesser than another person makes me cringe. Bolstering each other up in love, now that's the ticket.

So, why did I write this? Well, today I read that Jimmy Carter left the Southern Baptist Church (SBC) because of their treatment of women. Good for him. Really. Good for him.

It was a big reason why I left the SBC a long, long time ago...


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  1. although Jimmy Carter's presidency is not generally considered to be a "success", I've always felt he was one of the rare politicians who was motivated by wanting to serve people and not by a desire for personal power. Reading your blog, I recalled hearing years ago that Jimmy Carter had spoken out against the Southern Baptist Convention, and something about along with Bill Clinton was involved in a progressive Baptist organization. So your blog raised my curiousity & I had to do some research. Jimmy Carter apparently left Southern Baptists in 2000, although he continued to be a deacon and taught sunday school at his own church. What's raised this in the news again is that he's written an editorial speaking out against the SBC. I didn't know if you've read the editorial yet, but here's the link if you're interested. Oh, and I also found an interesting commentary that someone wrote about Carter.