Sunday, July 26, 2009


Lil M had her very first ever swim lesson today!! Auntie Ellen and I both were able to get into the water and help her... it was an all girl class, of maybe 5 babies. :) Lil M got to learn

how to kick,
climb out of the pool,
jump to Mommy off the side out of the pool after 3 seconds,
scoop her hands in the water to swim toward the frog toy she got to play with,
float on her back,
and float on her belly with a noodle float.

She needs lots more practice, of course, but she got a chance to try all those things! That was very cool. She was especially good at climbing out of the pool. :)

Then we had lunch after swimming... Here's a pic of Auntie Ellen with Lil M when we went to get chai lattes. :)


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  1. good for her! she is def a princess, a cute as a bug one too.