Monday, July 13, 2009

MMM - It Takes Two

So, this week I have my nephew, C, all week! :) It is the first time he's ever stayed more than 2 days with me. That is awesome. So, my Motivate Me Monday thought is how I'm going handle two of everything this week?!

C is 9 years old and he is going to basketball camp this week. Actually, it is half day basketball and half day sports camp... Lil M is in daycare (DC) still, of course. Which means I have to drive to two different locations in the morning before work and to pick them both up after work.

Yesterday I made a whole pot of pinto beans (sans meat), and so I figure dinner is covered for at least a couple of days this week. But I do need to go to the store today to get a few extra items for us. Like bread and lunch meat. Dinners ideas for this week, so far: spaghetti, beans/rice, burritos, turkey-meatloaf, and probably chicken and noodles.

I don't have to make Lil M's lunches, but I do have to have something for C to take each day. So, gotta plan that. I already wrote down 5 dinner ideas for us. Today I will make up 4 more days worth of lunch stuff (except actually making the sandwiches).

I've got some paints and playdo that I think I will let the kiddos play with tonight! C wants to go to the park, and I've already talked to my friend MK about dinner... So, I figure I've got at least 3 days worth of fun stuff planned for us.

This doesn't include bath times, teeth brushing, the dogs...but I guess it's got me motivated today to try to keep up with everything this week. I just hope his basketball/sports camp goes well. He seemed to think it was cool this morning. So, let's see!

And it's got me wondering how having two would be in the long-term...


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  1. I know what it’s like to deal with multiple little ones (MLO’s) at once, although C is of greater age (OGA) than M. It can definitely be systems disruption (SD).

    I went to the grocery store (GC) to pick up a few perishables and non-perishables (P & NP) over the weekend and placed emphasis on the frozen desserts (FD) because I had visitors with little brats (VLB) stop by on Saturday. We had lots of fun! (WHLF!)

    Are your dogs heavy drinkers? Toby likes to do body shots (BS). When Toby tells me he's going to drink, I can expect a lot of BS.