Sunday, August 23, 2009

another 5K

Lil M, Scott and I went to a 5K run this morning. I ran by myself, and he took Lil M. When we got done, I ran with Lil M for her first-ever kids race. :) She got her first medal! We got medals, too, for our age groups. It was a fun morning.

Then, she had swim lessons. Her "best friend", MK2, came with her to swim lessons. They crack me up. Lil M did OK, but for some reason she wasn't into the swimming today. I think she was tired, 'cause she had a melt-down. And I mean that. She doesn't usually cry... and not just keep going, but this lasted probably 20-30 minutes! After that, she was fine. Her friend MK2 was great and had fun swimming, too. Then we went to get some Mexican food. Yum. It was a great time.

I can't believe she's going to be 3 on Thursday!!! Really, it's just crazy how fast time has gone.



  1. Congratulations! You guys look so cute :)

  2. Between the swim lessons and run, next is learning how to bike and she could do her first tri by the old age of 4! To Cute!