Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy? Birthday and Dr. Toad

If your pediatrician has the personality or bedside manner of a TOAD, it is probably time to leave said doctor.

Lil M's (not any more) Dr. Otrembiak is about a nice as a piece of cardboard. He was rude and didn't even look at Lil M's chart to see how old she was. OMG. Wha? Huh? I'm thinking with toddlers, the first thing you do is check their AGE? But, who am I?

He also said her name wrong!! She doesn't have a hard name, nor is it an unusual spelling. Oh, and doesn't look at me or her when he's talking...? (oh, and shouldn't someone with a ridiculously hard name to say - for kids - be considerate if they don't know how to say someone's name?)

Who does that?

Aren't pediatricians are supposed to be nice to kiddos? ...especially when they are sick?? Frankly, I didn't care for him before, and I hated him today. While we were waiting for Lil M's flu test results, he and his lackeys were in the back talking about us parents and how we over react. Really?

".... No one has had the flu", they said to each other. Some parents even over react for a runny nose!! You know us parents. We're worthless.

"... But everyone wants to be tested for the flu". Really? Hm. I wonder why? The H1N1 virus maybe???

Then he went an played Dr. to an older kid who was probably 12 or so. I know, because they were loud and laughing and having a good old time. But my daughter? Nada.

Anyway, apparently she probably just has a stomach virus. Probably, because Dr. Toad didn't even tell me that until I ASKED. ??? And that was his word "probably".

Poor baby... on her birthday (that he didn't even look at or acknowledge when I repeated it to him twice... clearly he could care less about kids... but he's pediatrician?!!)

So, I asked for her chart to be moved to my family Doctor. ... Dr. Nice. (that's not her name, but she is nice). I've gone to her for years, and will move Lil M there until I find a suitable Pediatrician.

Dr. O's office people were horrified that I wanted to move her. They looked at me dumbfounded. Uh, you want to move her? YES. Yes, I do.

Happy, Happy birthday Lil M!!!! Mommy can't believe you are 3 already!

And trust me, Mommy will find you a better Dr. than Mr. Toad was. Oh, and Mommy's done venting now. :)


PS. We're postponing dinner tonight, but I'm hoping she'll be better by Saturday's party!!!


  1. Ugh about Dr. Toad. Hannah's first doc was horrible too. Hates children and despised their parents. I know this to be true since she was also my colleague as she was our school doc. Why do these people become doctors.

    Hope Lil M is feeling better soon and managed to have a great birthday.

  2. Oh, thank you, Lindsay!! :)

    You know, I know I overreacted... but, sheesh. Why do people go into a "people" profession when they clearly don't like them?!!

    I hope we can find something for her to enjoy tonight...

  3. dear GOD. glad you're moving her and hope you are able to find a good ped for her!! and happy 3rd bday to her, hope she's feeling better today~!!