Monday, August 10, 2009

Little vacation

So, this week, we're on a little home vacation... I'm off for a couple of days and keeping Lil M and Chase with me. Then, Sis will do the last 3 days of the week. :) We're not doing anything this week, except just staying in, and maybe going to the park.

I've been fairly stressed, though, for my mini-vacation because Sis was threatened by her ex's psycho girlfriend last week. So, I've worrying... of course. But I think it will be OK. Especially, since this chick used a telephone and Sis had witnesses to the event. She is got a police report and asked to file charges. So, let's see what her local DA does.


I'm trying to relax!! :) Now, sleep... that's still not happening like it should. But, I'm on vacation, so I can sleep in a little!

Getting excited about Lil M's 3rd birthday party in 3.5 weeks!! I've invited a ton of family and friends... 'cause, well, she'll be THREE. :D I couldn't resist. She is my one and only, you know. I think people think I'm nuts, but I just really want her to know how much everyone loves her and it is her day. (It's really only going to be about CAKE! lol. I mean, who doesn't love cake, right?!)

She doesn't need much to make her happy... and I know when she gets up that day and there are monkeys (safari theme) everywhere, that'll make her happy enough! Just like Elmo (melmo) did last year. I don't think the turn-out will be quite as big as the past 2 years, but that's ok. (really, i do think people think i'm nuts. but when do you get to invite people over for a party besides birthdays and holidays???)

So there. ;-)


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  1. Girl, you are only three once. I say give her a great party!