Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You are So Beautiful

Lil M turns 3 tomorrow... and, so Scott put together a little video of pictures with that song in the background... you are so beautiful... and, man, how appropriate! :) made me cry!! lol

It is so amazing to see pictures of her from the day we met to just this past weekend. It makes me so nostalgic and sad to see her going from babyhood to toddler-hood... and, yet, at the same time it is very exciting!!!

She still has the most amazing personality and I can't imagine her not being here with me! Really, you should all be jealous. ;-) She is a happy child, by nature, and has learned so much in this last year. I guess you don't quite realize when you're going through it, but she has grown SO much!!! :)

I do wonder what her first family thinks of when they remember her. I wonder how close her actual birth date is to the one I was given. I wonder if they mourn the loss every year or probably every single day. Or maybe they were able to put it in the background so they could get through the days. I want to send up a prayer for them. For their lives. For their situation, whatever it may be. And along with that prayer, a thank you. Because without them, I wouldn't be a Mama. I probably don't think about that part of our situation as much as I could... but I am so very grateful for the chance I've been given to raise this little amazing daughter of mine.

I could cry (again)!! But I'm sitting at my desk, and should try to maintain some kind of composure! lol

You know, it's interesting... Scott made me that little video and I am not sure if I want to share it with anyone else yet. There isn't anything that others haven't seen, but it was just so sweet... I might just have to keep it to myself for awhile. :D

Lil M's birthday is tomorrow!!! And I think we'll go have a small dinner party for that. Then, Saturday, we're gonna have a real birthday party at our house. I've invited her friends and our family to join us, and I can't wait!!! It isn't going to be anything fancy... but I hope the little ones have fun coloring and playing. And then, singing and having cake! mmmm Cake!!


Mama Mia

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