Friday, September 11, 2009

Adoption Group

I'm so excited, I've gotten a couple of emails from folks today that were in my travel group when I met Lil M for the first time!!! I can't believe it's been over two years. A couple of the folks had other children soon after they came back, and that was awesome. I bet they are SO busy! LOL Anyway, I just wanted to post that I finally got to talk to a couple of the members of our travel group! Yeah!!

It was so good to hear they are all doing well. I am hoping we can do a reunion sometime in the near future. Let's see!!

Tonight, we went to get Lil M a couple of things from the store, with a gift card she had gotten. She got a new pink baby stroller, a cool magnetic ABC chalkboard/white board, and a shirt and sweater. She cracks me up. Tonight, she kept telling me that I was taking a shower (imaginary) and then drying my hair. She said the same about herself and Scott. Before that, she said her teddy bear was in trouble and put him in time out. The funny thing is, I don't really have to use time outs with Lil M, so much... I think she got that from daycare. LOL

We went to the Olive Garden for dinner and she ate a ton! I'm thankful she's a good eater. She had salad with croutons, some artichoke spinach dip and bread and then cheese ravioli. :) Oh, and some chocolate mousse pie dessert with Mommy and Scott. LOL. ;-) Ok, so, sometimes even *I* give in and give her treats! hehe.

Having a great day here... and yet, still remembering that it is 9/11. Peace and blessings to all.


PS. I had a flu shot today at the Dr's office. Then, I had my Dr fill out the form for the foster/adoption agency. One more paper done. 3 more things still to go. I think. I'm going to double-check to see if Lil M actually has to have the Dr form or not, though.

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